SmartLaw Flat Fees

Serving Southern California counties, SmartLaw is the best way to find the right qualified legal resource. SmartLaw is certified by the State Bar of California and the American Bar Association. SmartLaw is a public service of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Smart Law Flat Fees are an affordable way to address your legal needs. Not only can you get an affordable Flat Fee, but you also get the advantage of a lawyer’s help to insure everything is correct. Flat fee service options:

LLC Business Formation: $800
Trademark Registration: $500
Uncontested Divorce: $800
Bankruptcy Chapter 7: $850

SmartLaw Flat Fee Details
Your flat fee rate covers all attorneys’ fees related to your matter. Costs related to your matter will be extra. Costs will include filing fees and any other cost required to address your legal issue, such as postage, transportation, copies, etc.

SmartLaw Flat Fee Limitations
Below are the limitations for each SmartLaw flat fee offering.

LLC Business Formation: $800
Single member California LLC
Completion of LLC documents
Operating agreement
Acquisition of EIN
Does not include filing fees or other costs.

Trademark Registration: $500
Limited trademark search
Form completion
One class of goods or services
Does not include filing fees or other costs.

Uncontested divorce: $800
Advance agreement on division of all property
Advance agreements on allocation of debt
Advance agreement on child/spousal support
Advance agreement on child custody
Both parties in the same state
Does not include filing fees or other costs.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7: $850
Single filer, initial filing
Petition preparation
Appearance at Meeting of Creditors
No real estate
Does not include reaffirmation agreement
Does not address any objections to bankruptcy discharge
Does not include filing fees

Participating attorneys have agreed to offer these legal services at these rates. However, it is entirely up to the referred lawyer whether or not you qualify for the flat fee rate. If you would like a second opinion on a flat fee rate, contact SmartLaw.

Participating lawyers have been screened by the Los Angeles County Bar Association for experience, insurance, good standing, and other professional requirements. The Los Angeles County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, SmartLaw, is certified by the State Bar of California, serves clients in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties, and refers clients in all practice areas. If you are a lawyer interested in receiving Flat Fee referrals from SmartLaw, click here for information or call (213) 896-6571.

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Last update: June 2018.

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