How to Work with a Lawyer Remotely

Most lawyers will complete a consultation by phone to help you get started. Typically, the lawyer will guide the consultation discussion in a way to discover if the lawyer is going to be a good fit for you. In some cases, the lawyer may want to look at certain documents before agreeing to represent you. Here, you may be able to work with the lawyer by email to send and receive certain documents or send documents by direct mail.

Signing Documents
In some cases, signing documents may be a necessary part of the legal issue you have. In some cases, documents may  be able to be signed electronically. If a physical signature is required, lawyers often use direct mail to have documents sign. Here, the lawyer may send documents to you in the mail with instructions on signing those documents. After signing, you can return them by mail.

Attorney Location
Though you may not need to meet in-person with your lawyer, it is still important that you work with a lawyer that is reasonably close to you. For example, if you have a legal issue in Southern California, you probably will not want to work with a lawyer that is in San Francisco. Here, there are many local factors related to most legal issues, including local courts, and local rules and regulations. An attorney that is nearby is more likely to understand your legal issue better based on what is happening in your area and is more likely to understand local judges and other attorneys in the area. Also, if you have to pick up or drop of documents at any point, or if you use a delivery service, it will not be too far for you or too costly.

Communicate with Your Lawyer
When you consult with a lawyer, ask if you will have to meet in-person and ask what tasks can be completed by working together remotely and what tasks will require an in-person meeting, if any. You can also ask the lawyer if she has any suggestions on how to work together in ways that are safe for everyone.

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