DMV Self-Service Kiosks Now Available at Five California Post Offices

Californians can now complete many DMV tasks using self-service kiosks at five United States Postal Service locations throughout the state. The kiosks offer customers another convenient option to conduct DMV business without visiting a field office.

With just a few taps of their fingers, customers can complete the most common DMV tasks with the kiosks, including renewing vehicle registration, receiving a replacement registration card or sticker, and obtaining a vehicle record. For a complete list of  transactions that can be completed using a DMV kiosk, and to find one near you, visit

The gold and blue touchscreen kiosks are available 24/7 at the following post offices:

  • Los Angeles                7101 S. Central Avenue
  • Oakland                       1675 7th Street, Room 236
  • Paradise                       6469 Clark Road
  • Rancho Cordova         10923 Progress Court
  • Sacramento                 2000 Royal Oaks Drive

The kiosk at the Paradise location brings back limited services to the area after the 2018 Camp Fire forced the local DMV field office to close.

The DMV offers 365 kiosks in field offices and retail locations statewide, accepting debit/credit cards and, in some locations, cash. Since the first kiosk debuted in 2010, customers have completed more than 15 million self-service transactions. Vehicle transactions are available in seven languages and driver’s license transactions in 10 languages.  

No Office Visit Necessary
Most DMV tasks do not require an office visit. The DMV offers services through many channels, including kiosks and online. A complete list of online services is available at, including driver’s license renewal and vehicle registration, requesting a driving record, and completing a notice of transfer and release of liability, among other tasks. Other services may be started online, such as applying for a REAL ID and uploading necessary documents.

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